Scout Committee

The Palm Beach Scout Group is operated by a Group Leader who is appointed by the Gold Coast Region of Scouts Queensland. The Group Leader, in turn, appoints an Executive Committee (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) who meet monthly. The Executive Committee carries out the role of supporting the Group Leader in running the Scout Group by operating the finances, fundraising, maintenance and provision of buildings and accomodation and other operational aspects; our Leaders focus on running their respective sections, with programming, activities and ensuring the youth members are enjoying themselves whilst learning and earning multitudes of badges.

The Executive Committee encourages all parents to be involved in the operation of the Palm Beach Scout Group, and convenes an open meeting for all interested parents and supporters once each term. Parents and supporters are welcome to attend these meetings, and we welcome parent input at these meetings.

Executive Committee

  • Phil Statham

    Interim Chairman

    A strong group with a strong vision is my goal. To provide the best opportunities for my daughter is my pleasure.

  • Cindy Wimberley



  • Debbie Plessius

    Koala (Group Leader)

  • Phil Statham

    Gecko (Assistant Group Leader/Scouts)

    To facilitate opportunities for young men and women to grow through adventurous activities.

  • Ben Harris

    Grasshopper (Cub Scout Leader)

  • Aryan Plessius

    Tall Pine (Cub Scouts)

  • Rod Searle

    Jacala (Cub Scouts)

  • Adrian Gaby

    Cub Scouts

  • Dan Byron

    Bonsai (Venturer Scout Leader)

  • Karen Statham

    Panda (Venturer Scouts/Joey Scout Leader