Parent Fees

Enrolment Costs

Palm Beach Scout Group is a part of the Queensland Scout Association, as such all members are affiliated to the Queensland Scout Association. This means that when your children join Palm Beach Scout Group, you will also be joining Queensland Scout Association.

There is a one-off joining fee per child which is payable to the Queensland Scout Association. This fee covers the insurance for the current year of membership, and the initial administration fee required to enroll your child. The year runs from 1 April to 31 March. This joining fee is pro-rata’d depending on the month in which you join.

For 2016/2017 the pro-rata’d fees are as follows:

Pro-Rata'd Fees Price
April $ 185
May $ 176
June $ 167
July $ 157
August $ 148
September $ 139
October $ 129
November $ 121
December $ 113
January - March, 2017 $ 64

Renewal Cost

Youth memberships are renewed annually. Palm Beach Scout Group will invoice parents for this renewal fee in Term 1 of each year. This fee must be paid by the due date otherwise youth members are resigned from the Association. The renewal fee covers the same year being 1 April to 31 March. This fee includes all world scouting and national association fees.

It is currently as follows:

2016/2017 Fees Price
First child $ 124
Second child (within the same family) $ 119
Third and Subsequent child (within same family) $ 114

Term Fees

Palm Beach Scout Group also have term fees. These fees are made up of a Group levy of $50.00 and a section levy of $30.00 per term. The group levy goes towards the running costs of the Scout Den, while the section levy goes towards specific equipment for each section, badges, and other associated expenses.

Term fees are invoiced within the first two weeks of each term.

For new youth members, the first night is a free trial, and term fees are pro-rata’d depending when in the month the new member starts.

Uniform and costs

Upon joinging, you will need to purchase a uniform pack consisting of uniform shirt, group shirt, scarf, woggle, belt and cap for $90.00 polo shirt pack or $100.00 button up shirt pack. The shirt is section specific and can be a choice of polo or button up. The shirt may be worn at meetings immediately, however the scarf and woggle cannot be worn until the youth members is “invested” into the section, usually between 4-6 weeks.

For bottoms, our group colour is beige, sand or stone. This is the same for all events, including official events. Official events are defined as:

  • Awards Ceremonies e.g. Queen Scout's, BP Awards, Leader Awards etc
  • Government House
  • ANZAC Day
  • Any public event
  • Jamborees, Moots, Ventures etc
  • Interstate and overseas travel
  • Youth Forums
  • National Youth Council

Denim, short shorts and other coloured shorts are not longer acceptable.

Enclosed black or brown shoes are a must. Hats are recommended as is sunscreen.

Camp/Activities Cost

A critical part of Scouting does involve camping and excursions and activities.

Unfortunately many of these activities have associated costs with them. It is important to note that camps and activities are not compulsory and it is entirely up to you and your child/ren if they wish to take part. Camps occur in each section and vary depending on the Section. We try to limit camps to one per term with at least one external activity per term.

Costs for these vary, but we try to keep them as minimal as possible.

Other Cost

Every two years the Cub Scouts hold a Queensland Cuboree. This is a major Cub Scout event open to all Cub Scouts meeting the criteria. Similarly every three years Jamboree is held for Scouts. Unlike Cuboree, Jamboree is held in different parts of Australia and is open to Scouts from various parts of the World.

Both these events are costly ranging from approximately $500 - $1500, depending on the location.

Sections usually hold fundraising activities specific for these events for those youth interested in attending.

Payment Options

At Palm Beach Scout Group, payments can be made by cash or cheque, bank deposit, or internet banking. Bank account details are provided when your child/ren decide to join our Group.

Term fees must be kept up to date, as failure to pay term fees may result in your child/ren missing out on taking part in activities. Of course, should you be experiencing any difficulties, you should talk to the Group Leader, who can assist making other arrangements.